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At Sreelatha Inclusive School, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive educational environment that embraces diversity and provides a nurturing space for children of all abilities. Our mission is to promote acceptance, understanding, and equal opportunities for children with autism and their neurotypical peers.

At Sreelatha Inclusive School, we strive to create a warm, inclusive, and engaging environment where every child can thrive. We believe that by embracing diversity and celebrating the strengths of each individual, we can create a brighter future for all. Join us on this incredible journey of learning, friendship, and endless possibilities!

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Services We Offer

1. Inclusive Classroom Programs: Our inclusive classrooms create an environment where children with autism and neurotypical children learn together. Our experienced educators employ differentiated instruction techniques to meet the individual needs of each child. By fostering a sense of belonging, respect, and understanding, we promote meaningful friendships and inclusive learning experiences.

2. Individualized Education Plans (IEPs): We develop personalized IEPs for each child, which outline specific goals and strategies to support their academic, social, emotional, and behavioral growth. Regular progress monitoring and ongoing collaboration with parents and therapists ensure the IEPs remain effective and adaptable.

3. Social Skills Development: We understand the importance of social skills in a child's overall development. Our school incorporates structured social skills training programs, interactive group activities, and peer mentoring to enhance social interactions and build meaningful relationships among our students.

4. Parent and Caregiver Support: We believe in fostering strong partnerships with parents and caregivers. We offer regular workshops, training sessions, and support groups to provide guidance, resources, and a community of support. These opportunities allow parents and caregivers to actively participate in their child's educational journey and share experiences with others facing similar challenges.

5. Enrichment Activities: We offer a range of enrichment activities to complement our academic curriculum. These activities include art, music, sports, drama, and various clubs, providing children with opportunities to explore their interests, build self-confidence, and develop their unique talents.

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