Our Therapies

Below are the list of Therapies we Provide

Applied Behaviour Analysis

This type of therapy uses rewards to strengthen positive behaviours and teach new skills. Parents

Sensory Integration

Sensory processing dysfunction or Sensory Integration is under-sensitivity to light, sound, smell, tastes, or touches.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps with activities of daily living and therefore the use of everyday objects,

Picture Exchange Communication System

This form of therapy teaches children to trade pictures for items or activities. The system

Speech Therapy

This helps children with speaking, also as communicating and interacting with others. It can involve

Special Education

Special education is that the practice of teaching students during a way that addresses their

Vocational Training

"Vocational training equips individuals with practical skills and knowledge for specific careers. It offers hands-on

Social Skills Classes

"Social skills classes foster effective communication, active listening, empathy, and conflict resolution. Through interactive activities

Activity of Daily Living Skills

"Activity of Daily Living Skills (ADLs) are essential for independent living. They include tasks like

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